Is there a way to use the cli for publishing on Valist testnet?


As far as I can understand, the TS SDK can be used to sort of embed Valist into one's website. And we can do stuff like searching for projects, viewing a certain project's details etc. I can see why Valist publishers would use something like this, maybe to include a Valist project in their portfolio website. But other than them, what is the use case? Has anyone utilized the SDK? I think I'll be able to understand better with a live example. I checked out the one in the docs and I understand what it's doing but again, I don't know what a non-publisher would do with that info is there a way to use the cli for publishing on valist testnet? or do we have to use the frontend for that?

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As far as the SDK goes, essentially it wraps the core logic of the whole valist protocol, so you can effectively do anything you would do with the protocol programmatically, such as creating and auto-update system based on the latest releases you're publishing, or publishing other version-controlled assets. It can be used for various other types of software use cases that the frontends might not yet support as well.

The use cases from a publisher side are things like:

  • embedding a download link or links on your project's landing page such that it always fetches the latest releases
  • publishing and fetching assets that you want available on IPFS in a programmatic way, such as myaccount/binaries_or_game_assets/data-version-001
  • auto update systems powered by fetching the latest release
  • embedding your software license purchasing flow into your application

The main benefits of the SDK are for the publishers, but you could build custom discovery/curation on top of the SDK as well from the consumer side that curate specific types of software, similar to the idea that you can build different lens protocol frontends on top of the core data