Can I monetize my project on Valist?


How can I monetize my project via Valist?

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Valist helps developers monetize their projects, essentially making them products. The Valist SDK helps facilitate the price, royalties, supply, limit, and NFT for products. A project on Valist can be wrapped into an NFT and monetized. Owning a product's NFT means owning the product's license. At the moment, a project can support a single product. To release different editions, you will need to create different projects and configure their prices separately. This is beneficial to separate the token-gated content and payment configurations between the products. Products support the following configurations: - Payment in MATIC and any ERC-20 token on the Polygon network - Setting supply limits for the product. This is great for special editions/releases. - Built-in Royalties to monetize secondary item sales. - You can use Valist to create a Software License NFT that enables you to directly monetize your game or software fairly.