Problem with Valist SDK


When we use valist sdk for nextjs project, it throws an error on runtime : `Uncaught SyntaxError: Missing }` in template expression `(at 6156-7a6969066659117c.js:11:13522)` in console Error is only thrown after building the project and there isn't any error in development environment. Removing the import statement of @valist/sdk solves the issue. Also previously we were using import valist for graphql queries and it was throwing same error, then we shift to apollo client for graphql but to create project and releases, we are using valist under the hood, so just importing valist/sdk is causing the error. But let me try latest version.

Answers 1

The queries used in the frontend have been evolving rapidly, so there may be a few that require clean up. If you are using Apollo Client, the latest version of the queries can be found on the Valist JS GitHub repository These queries should be imported back into the Valist SDK and then imported into the frontend from the SDK. This will ensure that the queries are up-to-date and work properly in the Apollo Client.