Who is supplying eth to the paymaster?


I understood that we basically just ask someone else to pay for the gas. And that makes sense. I also get that it gets paid by the paymaster contract. But then who is supplying eth to the paymaster? And why? What are they getting out of it, if anything? Is it just in goodwill?

Answers 1

The purpose of the Software License NFT protocol fees is to ensure the sustainability of the system. In the future, premium tiers for heavy users or organisations with high storage/traffic requirements will be available. The Valist.io team will ensure that the gastank is adequately filled and the user experience is maintained. Additionally, users can choose to donate to the paymaster out of goodwill. This is similar to the user experience in web2, where free tiers are subsidized by premium usage. The same principle applies in web3 - as more people use the system, it becomes more sustainable for everyone.